Kona Country Club Golf Course is Re-open & More Beautiful Than Ever

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The Kona Country Clubs Ocean Course has once again opened after extensive renovation over the past year. Originally designed and opened back in 1966, the course is a favorite of locals because of its location six miles from the heart of the Kailua Kona. The John Sanford, the architect responsible for the rejuvination, has updated bunkers, repaved cart paths, leveled fairways, and improved tee boxes while planting new landscaping.

"One of the things we wanted to do was to make it better and sustainable and take some areas of grass out," said Sanford, who last visited the course in December 2014. "The entire course was wall-to-wall Bermuda (grass). We are taking out about 12 acres of turf and replacing that with native landscaping. It (has) a cleaner look. Over time, there was a lot of settling. It was built on lava. There was a lot of leveling of the fairways to fill in the potholes. What (is) most noticeable will be new bunkering and new landscaping."

Sanford said cutting through blue lava rock, the "hardest rock in the world," during the irrigation installation caused a number of delays.

"You cant go in with a back hoe excavator to trench (the rock) out," he said. "We tried saw blades. It is just too tough. ... It took like five times the work than trenching through sand."

There is no arguing, the golf course looks stunning and Konas fabulous coastal views cannot paralleled. Combined with the opening of Amicis restaurant within the clubhouse, its just another fabulous reason why we love and live the Hawaii lifestyle.

For more about the Kona Country, visit www.konacountryclub.com. Article credit: Jason Deegan, Senior Staff Writer of HawaiiGolf.com. Photo credit: Kona Country Club.

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